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ARIS at home Annual Training


Has it been a year already? As an ARIS employee, you are required to complete our 10 session annual training to remain an active employee.

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) has regulations for home service workers to complete 8 hours of topic specific training and 6 hours of dementia training annually. ARIS at home has combined both requirements into a 10 hour approved training course for you to complete.


Once completed, you will be in compliance with ARIS' training policy and will be up to date on your training requirements.

THIS IS A PAID TRAINING - Each session is equivalent to 1 hour. Each hour is paid at $13.00 per hour. You will be compensated a total of $130 once all 10 sessions have been completed.

Our Training Is Easy To Complete!

Click the button below, use the below password to login, and then you can choose any session. Once you are done reading the material, please take the test . You can do all of this from a phone, tablet or computer. You need to get a grade of 80% or better on each test to complete the session.

Password: aristrain

Troubleshooting or Questions

If you have any trouble with logging into the training, or have any questions about the training itself, please email your questions to Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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